Little Women

Bonnets Expand Toward the Sun; or A Gelfling Alive? (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: Little Women Airdate: January 24, 1977 Written by Dale Eunson and B.W. Sandefur Story by Dale Eunson Directed by William F. Claxton SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Nellie organizes a scene from Little Women as a school play, but an actor’sContinue reading “Little Women”

The Long Road Home

The Biggest Chuck-Hole of Them All; or The Strange Case of Richard Jaeckel and Louis Gossett, Jr. (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: The Long Road Home Airdate: March 3, 1976 Written by John Hawkins Directed by Michael Landon SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Will Charles and Mr. Edwards survive a cross-country trek carrying dangerous blastin’Continue reading “The Long Road Home”