Little Women

Bonnets Expand Toward the Sun; or A Gelfling Alive? (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: Little Women Airdate: January 24, 1977 Written by Dale Eunson and B.W. Sandefur Story by Dale Eunson Directed by William F. Claxton SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Nellie organizes a scene from Little Women as a school play, but an actor’sContinue reading “Little Women”

Circus Man

Full O’Shit (a recap by Will Kaiser) NOTE: I want to dedicate this one to my late friend Billy, a Little House fan who loved Red Buttons. I miss you, buddy. – WK Title: Circus Man Airdate: February 5, 1975 Written by Ward Hawkins Story by Preston Wood and Ward Hawkins Directed by Victor FrenchContinue reading “Circus Man”

If I Should Wake Before I Die

The Soul of Patience; or, Go Tell Miss Amy Her Old Gray Roommate’s Dead (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: If I Should Wake Before I Die Airdate: October 23, 1974 Written by Harold Swanton Directed by Victor French SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: An insane old woman fakes her death to drive her children crazy.Continue reading “If I Should Wake Before I Die”