EXTRA: Melissa Gilbert – The Walnut Groovy Interview

The holidays came a little bit early for us here at Walnut Groovy. A week before Thanksgiving, we had the intense pleasure of interviewing the magnificent Melissa Gilbert . . . or, as she styled herself on the call, “the Artist Formerly Known as Half-Pint.” In the best Walnut Groovy tradition, the conversation took aboutContinue reading “EXTRA: Melissa Gilbert – The Walnut Groovy Interview”

EXTRA: The 1976 Walnut Groovy Awards

Well, who’da believed it, another season come and gone in the blink of an eye. (Actually, I thought we’d be much further along by now, but oh well.) As you may know, between seasons, we like to revisit the Walnut Groovy Awards . . . to my knowledge the only awards franchise in history thatContinue reading “EXTRA: The 1976 Walnut Groovy Awards”

EXTRA: Walnut Groovy on Twitter

Despite my not having enjoyed Twitter in about seven years (because I have to do it for work), at the suggestion of a friend I’ve now launched a Twitter account for Walnut Groovy. So, if you’re a reader who uses Twitter and would like to spread the word about the best Little House blog outContinue reading “EXTRA: Walnut Groovy on Twitter”

EXTRA: The 1975 Walnut Groovy Awards

Since there isn’t another Little House blog currently being written that’s quite as self-indulgent as this one, probably, I thought I’d bestow some awards upon our Season One personnel. The individual awards are based solely on my opinion; but the story rankings at the bottom are an aggregate of the whole family’s views.  I knowContinue reading “EXTRA: The 1975 Walnut Groovy Awards”

By way of introduction.

I’ve watched Little House on the Prairie for a long time. I was born in 1975, and saw the later seasons first-run when I was little. I watched the show in syndication with my sister in middle and high school, and with several friends, including my roommate, throughout college. Now I’m middle-aged, and just pushed through (mostContinue reading “By way of introduction.”