Journey in the Spring, Part Two

“The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen”: The Life, Times and Appalling Death of Bunny the Horse (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: Journey in the Spring, Part Two Airdate: November 22, 1976 Written and directed by Michael Landon SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: In what one of our reviewers described as “the worst thing I’ve everContinue reading “Journey in the Spring, Part Two”

The Talking Machine

She Humiliated Me . . . With Science! (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: The Talking Machine Airdate: January 14, 1976 Written by Harold Swanton Directed by Victor French SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Nellie is bested by Laura in matters of love, so she plans a humiliation far exceeding anything else she’s done so far.Continue reading “The Talking Machine”