A Nightmare in Elmsville; or How Many Poison-Ivy Pandemics Can One Town Bear? (a recap by Will Kaiser) TITLE: Quarantine AIRDATE: January 17, 1977 Written by John Hawkins Directed by Victor French SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Southwest Minnesota reels from a twin outbreak of mountain fever and poison ivy. RECAP: We watched this episode outContinue reading “Quarantine”

The Camp-Out

Eff You and the Bush You Rode In On, Nellie Oleson (a recap by Will Kaiser) Title: The Camp-Out Airdate: November 19, 1975 (?) Written by Gerry Day Story by Joseph Bonaduce Directed by William F. Claxton SUMMARY IN A NUTSHELL: Mrs. Oleson thinks the Ingallses’ vacation is a scam to win a leaf-gathering contestContinue reading “The Camp-Out”